How to build a news aggregating web site with Drupal

A news aggregating website can be used to display live RSS feeds from different sites. Let's take a case where you will like to have a website which will display the most important news from all the newspapers in the UK . All you will need to do is go to the web sites of these newspapers and get the feed from the sections you want to display on your web site. Using Drupal's aggregator module completing the website is extremely easy and can be done in less than one hour.

Alienspotting : Drupal 6 Site Blueprints

When Winston Groovy returned home to his wife Rita in Kingston Jamaica after being missing for two days. Rita was not amused; this was the third weekend in a row that Winston claimed to have been abducted by aliens. But Winston really did seem quite sincere and sober (“Yeah man! Dem mash me up”, he claimed), and Rita was as usual very forgiving and quite happy to have her Winston back home.

A Learning Management System Complements The Brick and Mortar School

A Learning Management System – LMS, is software that teachers can use to publish their coursework online effectively and efficiently. An example is the Open Source Moodle framework. The LMS is being successfully integrated in the following manners at most educational institutions:
1. To post PowerPoint Notes, Word documents such as labs or worksheets for students to view if they were absent and/or to review at a later date.
2. To provide links to online resources, audio and/or video recording of lessons, lectures, quizzes, or tests.