Is Drupal 7 useful yet ?

My last review of the new Drupal 7 was rather cursory and I merely looked at the new release from the point of view and distrust of a salt-coated seadog perusing a modern ocean liner. So that review might have been quite biased as it puts habit in competition with progress. Quite naturally habit will win all of the time. To me Drupal 6 had become a habit, and habits do not die easily.

What type of site is best for your business ?

Many people do have the erroneous belief that all web sites are the same. This is a great step to achieve failure on the internet. In actuality the structure abd content of a web site should depend on its purpose. It might appear economical to embed a shopping cart within a business to business corporate website , but if care is not taken both functionalities may eventually become unusable . A website should be built for one purpose alone. For perspective , we shall look at a few different website structures :

Corporate Website

Why your business should be on the Internet - I

Let’s face it; these days it’s like if your business cannot be found on the internet it simply don’t exist at least beyond your local market or your committee of friends. Global business world has experienced a paradigm shift which has created new rules that dictate how commerce is conducted , and a new generation of gods have been hewn by the denizens of this new market to dole out blessings on the basis of your generosity with information about what your business is about and these gods are called Search Engines.

A Hitch-hiker's Guide To Drupal 7

OK I am sort of Old School : I don't jump into new technology bandwagons unless I know where they are headed first. Heck, I don't even get on a bus before I know where it is going. I am that smart :). Sometimes I think I should still feel good in heavily buckled platform boots, Oxford bags and slim-fit flowered shirt with huge Superfly collars. But you never know, these days walking down the street that way you may easily start a new fashion; and I don't want to be part of that because you never know where it may be headed.

what is new in Drupal 7

Congratulations Drupallers ; at last Bluemarine is gone. It has almost become the other name for Drupal !

Other changes you may hope to find in Drupal 7 officially launched tomorrow :

New Minimum System Requirements:

• Database: MySQL 5.0.15 or PostgreSQL 8.3
• PHP Version 5.2 or higher
• PHP Memory: 40M - 64M


• More secure implementation for scheduled tasks (cron.php).
• More secure password system.
• More secure log-in system.
• Modules can be updated via the web.


Websesame "Squealer " Packs

If you are able to install a Drupal or Joomla! site and upload add-ons , you can create fantastic sites within minutes with our configuration profile "Squealer Packs" . Just do a single file import into your site (we show you how) and Voila! ...instant Productivity. We have Squealer packs available for :

1. E-commerce site (simple) - Ubercart and Virtuemart

2. Social Networking Site (simple)

Also we will create bespoke packs for your use. Special prices for January 2010

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Websesame teams with Xceedia to create Cloud Computing applications

What is the typical workflow for your business like ? .Does it include documents, forms, software that are simultaneously used or shared by several people daily ? Do client forms have to be daily filled , referenced and edited on a regular basis often by staff located far from one another ? It may be time for you to consider putting part of your workflow on a server.

Literature partners wiith technology in fist online democratic literary contest

[Lagos, Nigeria] Lagos Literary and Arts Journal are organizers of the first and only online democratic literary competition in the world. The bi-monthly event which is known as “WordSprint” is an international competition in which received submissions are publicly judged and voted. This is done by a clever internet program which makes it possible for readers to simply express their voting power by the click of their computer mouse. Votes coming from all over the world are dynamically recorder, totaled and immediately visible.

Which is your favorite Open Source CMS ? Vote in Packt 2010 Open Source Awards

The 2010 Open Source Awards held by Packt is again open !.
The Award has grown year-on-year, with last year’s receiving over 800,000 visits. In 2009, 12,000 people nominated CMSes to become finalists and 26,000 people voted in the finalist stage to select the winner of each category. Packt encourages the open source community to nominate and vote for their favorite projects .