Book Review - Drupal 7 Media

Book Title: Drupal 7 Media
Author: Liran Tal
Publisher : Packt Publishing Ltd
Book Page :

It is hard to imagine a website which has nothing but words . It just never looks right and is guaranteed to frustrate visitors. The truth is that most website visitors will rather look at a descriptive piece of graphics rather than read a textual article. Remember the adage: a picture is worth a thousand words? All of it is true on the internet.

Packt Publishing reaches 1000 IT titles and celebrates with an open invitation

Birmingham-based IT publisher Packt Publishing is about to publish its 1000th title. Packt books are renowned among developers for being uniquely practical and focused. Packt books cover highly specific tools and technologies which IT professionals might not expect to see a high quality book on.
Packt would like you to join them in celebrating this milestone with a surprise gift – to get involved you just need to have already registered, or sign up for a free Packt account before 30th September 2012.

Book Review - jQuery Mobile Web Development Essentials

jQuery Mobile is a tool for mobile sites and which provides a way to turn regular HTML (and CSS) into mobile friendly sites. jQuery Mobile is focused on HTML. It's a powerful, practical way of creating mobile websites that any existing HTML developer can pick up and adapt within a few hours. jQuery Mobile has some very big sponsors - Nokia, Blackberry, Adobe,and other large companies but it is completely free to use for any purpose and completely open source.Along with not paying a dime to get, and work with, jQuery Mobile, the best thing is that as web developer you probably already

Book Review - Drupal 7 Multi-sites

A single instance of Drupal can be used to run more than one website. This means you can install the Drupal software once and have it drive more than one website - each with its own theme,content, and users. This feature is called multi-site hosting.

Multi-site technologies were developed as a response to the needs of system administrators and developers. But what are those reasons?
What problems are solved by multi-site configurations? There are many different reasons why people choose to host multiple sites on the same server. Here are several examples:

Learn Drupal online

Drupal developers averagely bill more than £200 per day. It is today one of the most exciting frameworks for building web applications. Some of my most recent students can not write a single line of code , not even HTML , yet by the end of the first few lessons they were creating fantastic websites for money or saving themselves the cost of employing a Drupal developer. I could teach you too, for around the price you would pay a Drupal developer for a single day's work.

Why should you signup as my student ?

Intermediate Drupal 7 Programming - Online Course

I am presentlty conducting this exciting online course which teaches how to do more advanced customising of a Drupal 7 site. Topics covered include Drupal theme development , module development , performance and security enhancement , Views development. The course will reqire some PHP and MySQL programming skills.

Topic 1 Structure of a Drupal Theme
Topic 2 Modifying an existing theme
Topic 3 Building a new them
Topic 4 Structure of a Drupal module
Topic 5 Building a custom module
Topic 6 Monitoring, optimizing and analyzing your Drupal site
Topic 7 Creating new Drupal views

Basic Drupal 7 Programming - Online Course

This online course will teach how to create and administer a Drupal 7 web site.Topics covered include Drupal installation, content creation and editing , back end administration , site migration and backup . No programming skills required for this course .

Topic 1 Introduction to Drupal
Topic 2 Basic Concepts and Features
Topic 3 Installing Drupal
Topic 4 Adding, classifying and viewing content
Topic 5 Administration overview
Topic 6 Basic back end administration
Topic 7 Drupal Taxonomy
Topic 8 Moving a static site to Drupal
Topic 9 Backing up and Migrating

Book Review : Drupal Web Services

Book Title : Drupal Web Services - Integrate social and multimedia web services and applications with your Drupal website
Author : Trevor James
Publisher : Packt Publishing

Does your Drupal web application bubble with life ? Is it part of the party or just sits in a dark corner and belches once in a while? You really need to get it acquainted with some web services if you haven’t already done that yet. Otherwise you are missing out a lot on the action out there.

How to create a unique corporate identity on the Internet

I am assuming that your intention is to have a corporate site for your business.Typically the main purpose of the corporate site will be to disseminate information about the company and to position it in the market ; other qualities maybe regarded as extras. For the corporate site and indeed for any other kind of website, it is absolutely important to define the primary purpose of the site before any work begins on it in order to be able to create a web site which users will find effective, efficient and usable .